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Project "Strengthening the supportive environment and expanding prevention and treatment measures to reduce the burden of HIV and tuberculosis in the Republic of Tajikistan"

Objective:  To improve access to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of TB and DR-TB using innovative approaches and information technologies.



• Active detection of TB and DR-TB among risk groups - family members of patients, including children, patients’ contacts , PLHIV, returned migrants and their families;

• Social support for risk groups for testing and timely coverage with TB or DR-TB treatment, as well as, if necessary, with preventive treatment;

• Assist patients with drug-resistant forms of TB in improving adherence to treatment and providing psychological and social assistance during treatment.

Donor: United Nations Development Program in Tajikistan


Implementation period: From February 01, 2023-December 31, 2023


USAID End Tuberculosis in Tajikistan Activity

Objective: Reduce the burden of tuberculosis (TB) in the Republic of Tajikistan


1. Effective case detection and notification of all forms of TB;

2. Increase in the number of patients cured of all forms of TB;

3. Strengthening TB prevention through expanded preventive treatment and operational measures for prevention and infection control (PIC);

4. Increasing the flexibility/reliability of the TB system in emergencies in the public health system;

Donor: Family Health International 360 (FHI 360)

Implementation period: From January 16, 2023 to September 30, 2023



Project "Eliminating Tuberculosis in Central Asia (ETICA)"


 Objective: to reduce the burden of tuberculosis (TB) in Central Asia by strengthening local and regional capacities to better detect and treat drug-resistant TB (DR-TB).



1. Improve detection of tuberculosis and DR-TB

2. Improve the effectiveness of treatment for TB and all types of DR-TB.


Donor: U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID)


Implementation period: From October 09, 2019 till June 07, 2024



Project "Strengthening rehabilitation services in the health care system"


Objectives: Comprehensive, sustainable rehabilitation services / systems developed and enhanced through partnerships and stakeholder engagement. Expanding access to quality rehabilitation services, including assisting / assisting technologies, for survivors of conflict and others in need of such services.



1. Support the development of a rehabilitation policy framework through pilot protocols and promoting stakeholder engagement.

1.1. Improving human resources for rehabilitation by supporting education reform in Ukraine and Tajikistan.

2. Creation of demand for rehabilitation services.

2.1: Establish referral channels for rehabilitation / assisting technology services.


Donor: U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)


Implementation period: From October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2023


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