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Brief information about Republican Public Organization “Afif”

          "Afif" is the Republican Public Organization legally registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Tajikistan. It has the Main office in capital city Dushanbe and Representation office in Khatlon region (that operates as а community based organization). The history of “Afif” started in early 2003 as a representative office of the Dutch humanitarian organization AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW), and up to date had transformations, re-branding, change the Statutes and expanding areas for its activities. In 2013, the Republican Public Organization “AFEW-Tajikistan” was established on the basis of the Representative office of the Dutch humanitarian organization AIDS Foundation East-West. In 2019, the General Assembly of the founders of the "AFEW-Tajikistan", taking into account the desire of the Organization to expand the scope and areas of its activities, decided to change the Charter and rename the Organization into Republican Public Organization "Afif" (RPO "Afif"). Thus, the organization can implement projects not only for prevention of infectious diseases, but in other humanitarian areas as protection of the rights of deported labor migrants - women and people with disabilities, water sanitation, awareness raising of law enforcement officers, improving the convicts access to timely diagnosis and quality medical care, etc.  

In accordance with its mandate and Charter, “Afif’’ has the right and implements projects in all regions of the country.

The Organization’s scope of activities with gained experience and expertise varies from awareness raising till the improving access to healthcare for the most disadvantaged population of Tajikistan, capacity building, institutionalization of the best practice models and approaches, campaigns and networking. 

 The Organization seeks to achieve its goals by participating in the implementation of national strategies of the Republic of Tajikistan to improve the quality of life, health and social protection of the population, environmental safety, establish and strengthen network and multisectoral cooperation, advocate programs aimed at economic stability, partner organizations capacity building, informing and educating the population, ensuring the rights of people affected by HIV, TB, viral hepatitis and subjected to social stigma and discrimination, expanding their access to medical and social services.

Every three years, the Organization develops a Strategic Plan, which sets out goals and intentions for three years ahead. Currently, the Organization operates on the basis of the fourth Strategic Plan.

Since its inception, “Afif” in cooperation with state, public and international organizations, has implemented more than 60 projects for a total of 15 755 883 USD in about mentioned areas.

Organization history of project implementations and gained experience and expertise recognized by the stakeholders and partners, that resulted that RPO “Afif” have a Memorandum of understanding with Ministry of health and social protection of Tajikistan, Main Directorate for the Execution of Criminal Sentences of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs and agreement with key stakeholders. Our beneficiary is involved to the life circle of programs – from design till monitoring and evaluation.

On order to achieve its goals and help beneficiaries, the organization uses modern technologies. For instance, there is a free medical online consultation service available on official website www.afif.tj.  All site visitors, including key populations, can submit questions anonymously on HIV / AIDS, TB, viral hepatitis, gynecology, STIs and skin diseases, psychology, and legal issues.

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