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My name is Kristina, I am HIV positive, and I receive ARV. In 2017, I gave a birth to a child and doctors did not do cesarean operation, I gave a birth myself. The midwife said the waters had withdrawn, so they would not do a cesarean. Is it correct?


I would like to begin with the fact that you had to be hospitalized at 38 to 39 weeks to determine the tactics of childbirth. All patients should come with a conclusion from the AIDS center, where they indicate the immune status, viral load, the names of drugs given for the hands of chemoprophylaxis and the scheme of their use.

Planned delivery in case of HIV infection should be carried out before the onset of labor and before the amniotic fluid is used, only in such conditions, the risk of infection of the child could be reduced. This is different from the planned operations for other indications, almost always the operation is planned as close as possible to the date, and preferably with the onset of labor, as the blood coagulation system manages to adapt and “tune in” for childbirth, and therefore for blood loss.

Meta-analysis shows that for caesarean section, carried out before the rupture of the membranes, the risk of vertical transmission of the virus is reduced by 50%. Also, if the pregnant woman received antiretroviral therapy, the risk of infecting the child is low even at birth through the birth canal.

Take care of yourself and your baby!


Veronika Melnikova.


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