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Head Office

Ikram Ibragimov

Director of RPO "Afif"

              His credo in life and work:

"Do not do anything shameful, respect yourself"

He has all the qualities needed for good leader. Management is his mission, since childhood he was a leader among his peers and friends. Smart and wise, with a subtle sense of humor. Charismatic, fair, kind and at the same time very strict. Requires strict discipline and attentive adherence to their obligations from employees. Encourages them to develop and self-fulfillment.

In difficult situations, he follows this proverb: "Second thoughts are the best".  First, he thinks over, analyzes the current situation, and then makes a decision. Always strives to achieve the set goals.

For Ikrom, the staff of  RPO “Afif” is his family, and the family is his wealth. He appreciates honesty, decency and modesty in people, but does not tolerate non-obligation, lies, envy and unhealthy curiosity from others.

Ikrom plays football well, this is his hobby. Love, development and self-realization are his life values. Like all people on the earth, he wants to be happy. And happiness for him is a condition when you feel pleasure from life.

Janna Khairova

Financial Manager

The financial strategy of the organization, the consolidation of planned budgets, cash flow management, budgeting are all in the hands of Zhanna. She owns all the information on justification of the planned costs, clearly controls the formation and execution of financial plans. Her work requires care and accuracy. Zhanna believes that these qualities should be priorities in the activities of financiers of all ranks. She personally has them.

Zhanna considers Afif her home, where always full of beautiful people. She built the relationships with the team members on trust and mutual understanding. Zhanna is the mother of three charming daughters. She is fond of swimming and hiking.

Firuza Normatova

Financial Specialist / Cashier

Firuza is diligent and attentive, very sociable. Her sociability and openness help her to improve relations with all the people around her, especially with the partners of the organization. Firuza is responsible for partner financial statements. Here her friendliness is the main assistant.

She loves her work, responsible to official duties. In the team where she works Firuza is considered as very calm and balanced person.

Every day for Firuza is beautiful, regardless of the season and weather. Such a positive outlook on the world helps her successfully cope with any difficulties.

All her free time devotes to his son. She dreams of a world tour with her son.

Olga Almukhammedova

Оffice Manager

Neat in work, has all the necessary qualities for an office manager. She is the secretary, and supply manager, and the administrator in one person. Responsible for the instructions of the supervisor, copes with her responsibilities.

Charming, has a sense of humor, she is able to defuse the tensest situation, if suddenly such cases are occurred. In difficult situations, always keeps calm and positive.

Olga raised two sons, whom she was able to instill a sense of respect for the older generation. She likes science fiction films.

Saodat Oripova 

Training Program Coordinator

Saodat’s background is infectious diseases doctor, she has a big experience in this field. Kindness in character and in work is manifested by attentiveness, mercy and willingness to help to anyone who finds himself in a difficult situation.

By encouraging and supporting the team of branch office, Saodat always achieves targeted goals.

The best day of Saodat’s life is the day when she met her future husband with whom she raised up three wonderful daughters. She is fond of reading and loves to wander around our city.



Sievush Sattorov


Financial manager of the USAID LON project

 His credo: "Those who want a rainbow must put up with the rain"

Purposeful, hardworking. Works carefully to avoid mistakes. Responsibly refers to the performance of his job duties, fulfills orders in a timely manner and finds an individual approach to each situation.

For Sievush, the staff of the RPO "Afif" is like his second family. In a team he is sociable and easygoing. In his opinion, such character traits as honesty, loyalty, kindnessand politeness adorn a person, and hypocrisy and greed defame human dignity.

His family is the most precious thing in his life, and he is grateful to God for this. Together with their spouse, they are raising two wonderful boys in love and want to give them a sister. He is also grateful to his mother, who is a close friend to him and gives valuable life advice.

Sievush has a goal: To live a decent life, never regretting anything. 

Ulugbek Akhmedov

Project Specialist


Ulugbek responsibly approaches the fulfillment of his labor obligations. He is friendly, responsive, always ready to help or assist in anything. He likes to spend a lot of time reading books. Since childhood he has been interested and collects models of military hardware.

He devotes his free time to family, loyal friends and landscaping.


Tahmina Ubaidulloeva 

Public Relation Specialist

Her credo: "Live in the present with hope for the future, learning from the past"

Tahmina is modest and kind. Performs her functional duties and executive’s instructions  with great responsibility. Loves her job. Learning new things is always interesting for her.

Sensitivity sets Tahmina apart from others. In people she values ​​all the traits that embody humanity, but she is not tolerant to hypocrisy and rudeness.

Together with her husband, she brings up two twin boys, whom she considers the meaning of her life.

If she has free time, she composes stories and fairy tales. Also she is interested in translating literary works from Russian and English into Tajik.

She dreams that all people on earth live in peace and friendship.


Azamat Abdurozikov

Driver /Logistician

His credo: Do ​​not lose heart and hold on to the end

Usually we say about men like him: a good person. Modest, calm and helpful. Loves his job very much. He considers the interesting and friendly team of RPO Afif to be his family. Since he is kind himself, he also values ​​kindness and trust in others. In his opinion, hypocrisy and deceit are the worst traits of a person.

For him, family is the most valuable thing in life. He lives happily with his wife, son and charming daughter, also with his parents, whom he calls the talisman of his happiness. The love and support of the family give him an impulse in any endeavors.

Azamat is in solidarity with other men of the team in choosing a hobby. He loves football too.

He dreams of going to Hajj with his parents.

Representative Office in Khatlon region

Qurbongul Alimova

Project Specialist

Kurbongul is a kind and responsive. She always strives to understand and support a person. These her qualities help to KPG to receive quality HIV counseling and testing. Kurbongul is a medical worker. She really loves her job and done with care for her duties. She is one of the first employees of the Representative Office and considers Organization to be her second family.

Kurbongul put all her positive qualities in her children and grandchildren.

Kurbongul likes to travel and dreams to visit Italy, which is suitable in spirit for her.

Malikakhon Teshaboeva 

Social Worker

Malikahon is a fair, responsible and responsive person. The job of an accountant requires skills such as vigilance, precision, and patience that she has.

Malika can find an approach to any person regardless of his social status. She fosters loyalty and tolerance in her children and grandchildren.

Malika likes to preserve fruits and vegetables in various combinations in her free time.

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