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The employees of Republican public organization "Afif" on the general assembly of the organization discussed the further steps and the ways of organization development

The employees of Republican public organization "Afif" on the general assembly of the organization discussed the further steps and the ways of organization development

Every year, by long-term tradition, the General Assembly of Republican public organization "Afif" with participation of organization members and members of its Board is held in the countryside, outdoors. And this year the organization decided not to change traditions and to hold the General assembly in a cozy corner of Varzob.

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On the agenda of the General assembly was to review the implementation of Strategic plan for 2017-2019 and discussion the features of organization development in modern conditions.  

During the meeting, the employees of the organization reviewed the results achieved by implementation of strategy for the last three years in the framework of completed and ongoing projects. There was also a detailed report on the financial movement of the organization - sources of origin and direction of expenditure of funds, within the framework of the organization’s activities. The members of a general assembly discussed the issues of further development and planned certain areas of work that will be included in the Strategy of the organization for 2020 - 2022.                                                                                   

Holding a general meeting on a bosom of nature is combination of work and rest, because properly organized corporate rest the key to success of any organization. Therefore after a fruitful work the staff of the organization together with friends and children did not miss an opportunity to enjoy the freshness of greens of herbs and brightness of flowers, clear spring water, aroma and taste of the fresh and tasty lunch made on a fire. Joint countryside trips help the staff of the organization to rally and gain energy for the whole year!


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