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Head Office

Ikram Ibragimov

director of AFIF

He is honest and gives guaranty that his stuff can do everything and go up on their career ladder, if they are capable with their work. He believes that favoritism is not for him, he just believes on his carefully chosen team, he trusts to the people. Man of vision and resourceful, can cope and analyze every situation. He shares his new ideas with and give advices to his team with great pleasure. He could make his team to deeply understand teamwork and stationary, workout many tasks at the same time.
Curiosity and erudition are characters that make Ikram interesting companion. Reads and travels a lot.

Seriously pays attention that his team be moral and spiritual

Zarina Davlatova

programm coordinator of AFIF
She has a high experience in the field of program management.
She seriously relates on the tasks given to her. She respects kindness, honesty and clarity and sense of humor in people. She tries to be respectful, sincerely and treats people with understanding. Always helps everyone with words and deeds. Doesn’t like lies and hypocrisy. She thinks that there is a compromise in every situation. She has two marvelous . She takes care about her kids seriously. She tries to be not only mother but close friend for each of them. Pays much attention to the intellectual development of her children. She does sport and likes walking.

Janna Khairova

financial manger
Financial strategy of the organization, consolidation of planned budgets, management of cash flow, budgeting are on her responsibility. She owns all the information on the justification of the planned costs clearly controls the formation and execution of financial plans. Her work requires accuracy and attention. These characters should be priority of all ranks of financiers. She has them.
Janna considers the AFIF is her sweet home that always full of amazing people. She built her relationship with them on the base of trust and mutual understanding. She is mother of 3 charming girls.

Firuza Normatova

financial specialist of AFIF
Firuza is hardworking, attentive and very communicable. Her sociability and openness help her to build relationships to all the people around her, especially with the partners of the organization. She is responsible for financial report of the partners. Her amiability is her main helper in this field.
She likes her work. She is responsible for her duties. The team thinks her capable and balanced person.
Everyday is a wonderful day for Firuza, regardless of the season and weather. Such a positive view of the world helps her successfully cope with any difficulties.
She devotes all her free time to her son. Dreams to travel around the world with her son.

Olga Almukhammedova

office manager of AFIF
She is neat in her work. Has all the necessary office manager qualities. She is three in one: secretary , supply manager and administrator. She does all the task with high responsibility and completes her own mission 100%.
Charming , has sense of humor, is able to diffuse the most difficult situations, if it happens. She always keeps positive and composure towards hard situations.
Olga has grown up two wonderful sons who are very respectful to elders. Likes science-fiction films and fantastic.

Tatyana Yemelyanova

expert of the project AFIF
Work is part of Tatyana’s life. She considers the team is her second family. General rules of the team are mutual trust and respect. Tatyana believes that if the person didn’t give up yet he is stronger than his faith. She does every of her responsibility from the bottom of her heart. She respects punctuality, honesty, humor in people.

She spends her free time in reading fiction. Likes listen to the music and also cooks delicious food and likes to have experiments with her friend in the kitchen.

She dreams to visit Maghreb countries.

Kaharov Umar


Representative Office in Khatlon region

Saodat Oripova

coordinator represantation of AFIF in Khatlon regeon
Saodat specializes on infection disease physician. Has a huge experience in this field. Goodwill in character and work manifests itself through attention, kindness ready to give a handing help to everyone who is in hard situation. Encouraging and supporting team of the representatives. She always achieves her goal. The most memorable time of her life is when she met her future husband with whom she grew up three wonderful girls. Her hobby is reading books. Likes just to walk around the town.

Oksana Nabiyeva

accounter represantation of afif in khatlon regeons
Oksana’s strong characters are honesty, decency, stress resistance and patience. Never gives up incomplete work and she is responsible for any assignment. She is looking after her children that she tries to surround with tenderness, love and care. She builds family relationships on trust and understanding. She is not only mother for her children but also a close friend. Oksana likes to swim and ride bicycle, especially when all the family together

Shodi Hakimov

Рroject Specialist

Қурбонгул Алимова

Social worker

Маликахон Тешабоева

Social worker

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